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Hi, my name is Mads Polsen and this is a 100% unbiased and handpicked Top3-list of the top Fanfiction Sites. First of all, my editors do a lot of research and pull together a massive list of the top100 Fanfiction Sites.

When thats done they try to narrow it down to only three sites which will be included in the Top3-list. This is not the easiest thing but they look for quality factors, user value, and of course also diversity when selecting the best Fanfiction Sites.

Top3 Trusted Fanfiction Sites

The Fanfiction Sites listed below are hand picked by our editors and they are all trusted and very good Fanfiction Sites.

Fan fiction enthusiasts, whether a reader or a writer will have a grand time visiting the fan fiction sites listed here as the top three that offers the most to surfers. If you have already written a good fan fic, publish it online and it will only take a little while for your piece to be appreciated by the thousands of users that are constantly visiting the fanfic sites, you are even allowed to vote for your own story. Discover new and interesting materials to read everyday, the fanfic site is the domain of bookworms.

  1. Fanfiction 

"The leader in fanfiction brings you a lot of new features to allow you to enjoy your favorite comics, cartoons, anime, fiction books, and music online."

"The FanFiction.Net Mobile is the best new feature that will let you enjoy your favorite online comics on your mobile phone anytime, a great reprieve to boredom if you’re caught someplace without your pc."

"Joining the online forum is fun, I got good laughs from debates on the comics and cartoons category."

 2. Fictionesque 

" is the site to join if you are fond of writing fan fictions or other types of literature, read up on all the new featured fiction stories, the next one might be yours."

"Publish your story now and keep going back to upgrade your piece by adding new chapters to keep your readers captivated."

"Relatively new on the web but already have close to two thousand fanfics, all interesting and fascinating reads."

  3. Twilight 

"Twilight fans will have a great time at this site featuring the movies of the twilight saga, get better acquainted with the characters as well as learn about the vampire and werewolf mythologies where the serial was conceptualized."

"See the interesting events that happened during the making of the movies, costumes, props and casting, read about the vampire and werewolf families."

"I have always been a twilight fan, now I know where to visit my favorite vampires."


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This Top3 list was created by . can't guarantee that the websites in the Top3 list are "Fantastic Fanfiction Sites" or "Amazing Fanfiction Sites" :-) BUT if this Top3 list have good rankings and positive comments all three sites below are "trusted Fanfiction Sites" and probably also "top rated Fanfiction Sites"!

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  1. Sayoko

    Could you post more sites?
    I’m always looking for Fanfics(preferably with 1 or some O/C characters), but I have a hard time finding quality.

    My main interests consist of;
    Edmund from Narnia & varies animes(less mainstream than inuyasha or FMA) such as Ritsuka from Loveless, Haru or Kyo from Fruba, etc..

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  2. M Steg

    Alot of writers from fan are leaving because they have decided to censor the authors who are writing for them for free. Many are saving copies of their work to their hard drives and not finishing their works in progress due to this highhandedness.

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  3. It’s a really great website. Honestly.

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